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Due Diligence

Understanding what an asset is worth can be a big challenge, a challenge compounded if that asset is in an emerging market. A comprehensive due diligence is critical. 360 Impact can help you with the due diligence utilizing one the ground assets that understand the local language, customs and business practices. We can provide technological, product and financial due diligence services to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


Investing in strategic planning and being comfortable with how to expand your presence is critical to the success of any business. 360 Impact can provide commercial and technological strategies supported by practical execution plans to grow your business locally or globally.


It’s not as simple as having a product and selling it to the market. A business strategy needs to encompass not only the vision for your product or service but what will influence whether that product or service is likely to succeed. Your business strategy needs to survive beyond v 1.0. So, whether just starting out or trying to find your groove, 360 Impact can work with you to develop a business strategy that lasts longer than your vision.


Not all markets are created equal and being successful in one doesn’t mean success in another. Markets, like people need to be understood and respected for their differences because it may be those subtle differences that determine whether your product is a market success or market failure. Having a comprehensive understanding of your target market and the buyer in that market is an absolute prerequisite for success. 360 Impact has global market implementation expertise across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and European Union in financial services, healthcare, and professional education industries.


One size does not fit all -(no matter how hard you try). All too often a product or service is developed based on a buyer with a need. Problem with this is that although all buyers might share the same need they probably have different ‘pain points’ and therefore, need the product to behave differently. Developing products that can adapt to different workflows and can easily extend features and functionality to address ‘pain points’ is necessary to have a complete offering that can easily move between markets and evolve with your organizations business strategy. At 360 Impact, our expertise has helped organizations develop the products that sustain today’s business and tomorrow’s growth.

International Affairs

If you are an academic institution, government agency, international, non-governmental, or a research organization, or a research organization, our experienced and qualified professionals and researchers will provide specific strategic, operational and policy advice, analysis and training designed to serve your needs in the domain of the international conflicts and crises, peace and security.

Our consultants will provide political and executive advice to organizations around the world on:

  • Conflict and Threat Analysis:  integrated political analysis or targeted sectorial analysis (security, social, historic, institutional, etc).
  • Policy and Doctrine Development:  policy development and advice to enhance performance and improve the efficiency of uniformed components for defense and security in multinational operations. Development of policies and operational frameworks for strategic cooperation, including best practices and lessons learned.
  • Good Governance and Peace Building:  good governance and transitional administrations, and post-conflict peace building for implementation of integrated, multi-phase strategies in early-recovery and post-conflict situations.
  • The UN System and Peace Operations:  the evolution of its operations and the doctrine that supports them. Specialized training and advice to nations new to peacekeeping and other forms of contribution.
  • Defense Sector Reform.
  • Integrated Planning for International Presence in Conflict Areas:  advice and analysis for the coordination and integration of stakeholder’s plans and the interrelation between development, humanitarian and security in conflict settings. Cooperation and transition between international organizations.
  • Peace Making, Mediation and Conflict Resolution:  strategies for preventive diplomacy and peacemaking to promote reconciliation, conflict resolution and peace negotiations. Mediation support to implement confidence-building mechanisms and democratic governance in societies rebuilding after civil wars.

Professional Development and Education

If your academic institution or organization requires an international lecturer or facilitator, is interested in implementing either a formal coursework, a conference, or informal learning opportunities aimed at the acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and for career advancement, our experienced consultants can tailor and implement the ideal program for your needs.

  • Specific training related to competencies and responsibilities, with special focus in strategic planning, international conflicts, peace and security, and decision-making.
  • Lectures, case study and experiences on leadership training and team-building experiences, including strategy analyses.
  • Strategic simulations (including war gaming) to test strategic plans before implementation, to assist with difficult decisions, or simply to train and educate key decision-makers to strengthen their skills for the future.


  • Interim Management

Losing a Chief Information Officer in the middle of critical projects can spell disaster in prioritizing and managing technology initiatives. 360 Impact can help your company manage transitions, mergers, exits, rapid growth, infrastructure build outs or gaps in leadership or management skills.

      • Staff Augmentation

Because life sometimes gets in the way of business having the necessary talent throughout a given project can be challenging. Quickly filling the resource gaps in a project team can be the difference between going to market or going back to the drawing board. 360 Impact has the necessary capabilities to staff your project with the needed skills and knowledge to ensure your deliver on time.

      • Recruitment

Looking for talent doesn’t need to be your full time job. At 360 Impact our network of recruitment professionals understand the difference between talent and mediocre. Let us find your next rising star without it having to feel like a NASA space project.

      • Vendor Assessment & Selection

Choosing a vendor is a lot like choosing a partner. Understanding a vendors strengths and weaknesses is essential to the success of any project. Knowing what each organization is responsible for and having total trust in the other deliver to plan and not over commit is critical. At 360 Impact we have worked with numerous vendors both on and off shore and fully understand the vetting that needs to happen to ensure project success.

Program Management

In today’s ‘shared resource’ and ‘off shore’ mindset, getting a product developed or a project delivered when the business needs it can be a challenge, a challenge made more complex when resources are scattered across time zones. The attraction of doing projects in cheap labor markets are often offset by misunderstanding of requirements, engaging resources that lack experience and poor vendor selection. Understanding how different cultures react to projects and management is critical in ensuring success. 360 Impact has experts who have effectively navigated the pitfalls of using ‘shared resources’ and ‘off shore’ virtual teams that can help you manage and execute your projects successfully.

This includes the provision of advice, planning and management of operations, logistics, physical security and personnel.

Technology and Operations

Leveraging emerging markets to expand your technology, operations or production capabilities has its benefits but understanding those benefits and weighing the options can be challenging. Different countries and regions have distinct benefits, knowing these upfront can save you headaches down the road. Is it best to do LAMP development in Poland vs. Bulgaria? Is the Philippines a good market to hire Java Engineers? How do I set up a ‘follow the sun support’ using low cost labor markets? The experts at 360 Impact have the hands on experience to help you make the right choice for your business.

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