360 Impact Consulting Expands Business Focus

360 Impact Consulting today announced that Daniel Martella has joined the firm as Managing Consultant, Head of Public Sector Group. Daniel is a renowned geo-political strategist having served most recently in the United Nations.

Daniel Martella, comes with nearly 30 years’ experience in advising governments around the globe on defense and international affairs, including; peace and security; strategic planning; geopolitical issues; peace operations and the United Nations system; training and education; plans and management of operations, logistics and security. Daniel has received the UN Medal in the Service of Peace on 14 occasions. He has led several peacekeeping missions and has co-authored the book, UN Peace Operations which was released in 2011.

Daniel joins 360 Impact Consulting to launch its public sector group.  Daniel comments “I am excited to start this new group within 360 Impact Consulting and look forward to putting my wealth of experience to use to grow something from the ground up.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to add this rich talent to our team,” said Toni Monteiro, Managing Director at 360 Impact Consulting. “Daniel has shown himself to be an extraordinary leader with unmatched experience which is sure to make the public sector group a success.”

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